Holy Air Movie Pokes Fun At Spiritual Tourism

Movie Holy Air Pokes Fun At Spiritual Tourism in Israel

Satire about Tourism, Religion, and Politics A new Israeli comedy is making fun of spiritual tourism. The movie is called Holy Air. It was

Israel Protests After Polish Nationalist Rally Calls for Jews to Move Out of Poland

Right-wing groups dominate Polish Independence Day March Israel expressed apprehension about the Polish Independence Day March held on November 11.[/tweetit] The predominantly Jewish nation

Top Israeli Newspaper Agrees: Biblical Creation Stories are Just Fables

Top Israeli Newspaper Agrees: Biblical Creation Stories are Just Fables

Archaeologists find no evidence of Biblical events Haaretz, a leading newspaper in Israel, has published its investigative results on whether the Biblical stories are

Orthodox Jews military

Ultra-Orthodox Exemption from Military Service in Israel Removed

Israel's Supreme Court decision a blow to the Netanyahu regime The Supreme Court in Israel during the second week of September canceled the arrangement

Netanyahu Son Criticized For Anti Semitic Cartoon

Netanyahu’s Son Criticized After Posting Anti-Semitic Cartoon

Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair posted a meme on Facebook attracting a lot of negative publicity. The image posted by the 26-year-old was said to

Rabbi facing wailing wall

Former Chief Rabbi calls Reform Jews Worse than Holocaust deniers

Rabbi Shlomo Amara Has History of Controversial Statements Former chief Rabbi of Israel Shlomo Amara attacked progressive Jews after a contentious court case. The

Rabbi Mark Wildes

Nazi Protests Occurred on American Soil – Another Reason for Israel’s Importance

It is our responsibility to confront racism and all forms of bigotry. In a Jewish home, Saturday evening evokes a mixture of different feelings.

BDS movement

American Rabbis Call Out Israel Anti-BDS Law

Interfaith delegation denied entry to Israel Leaders of an  interfaith delegation were stopped from boarding their Israel bound flight.[/tweetit] Rabbi Alissa Wise, Alana Krivo-Kaufman

Temple Mount

Metal Detectors Removed from Controversial Holy Site in Jerusalem

Conflict over site still continues between Jews and Muslims. The Israeli government decided to remove metal detectors at one of the most holy sites

Alon Day, a Jewish NASCAR Driver, is the First Israeli in the Series’ History

Alon Day played game simulators for much of his training as a stock car driver. For Alon Day, the race car driver from Israel,