Top Israeli Newspaper Agrees: Biblical Creation Stories are Just Fables

Top Israeli Newspaper Agrees: Biblical Creation Stories are Just Fables

Top Israeli Newspaper Agrees: Biblical Creation Stories are Just Fables
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Archaeologists find no evidence of Biblical events

Haaretz, a leading newspaper in Israel, has published its investigative results on whether the Biblical stories are literal truth or not. The approximately 5,000 word article clearly states there is absolutely no physical evidence of the events actually taking place.

Top Israeli Newspaper Agrees: Biblical Creation Stories are Just Fables[/tweetthis]

Haaretz, known for its left-leaning views, went through Biblical accounts, from the earliest ones of Jews fleeing Egypt to King David descriptions and rubbished them all. Facts gleaned by archaeologists point out that these stories are all works of fiction.

The debate of Bible being a historical document has long been being the topic of researchers. Archaeologists have frequently struggled to locate evidence of Noah’s Ark or the existence of Adam and Eve, the earth’s theoretical first man and woman. Proponents of Young Earth creationism always fails to meet scientific demands for hypothesis and coherence testing.

Increasing evidence of being the Bible as a work of fiction means a fewer number of Americans now trust the scripture as gospel. A Pew Research Center study discovered only a minority (35 percent) of Americans trust the scriptures. About 45 percent do not trust it at all.

Approximately 36 percent of the population of the United States says that the Bible must not be taken literally. Only 40 percent of Americans regard the Christian Holy Book as the actual word of God. These people think the book is to taken literally at every word.

Haaretz, in its article, pointed out the schism which exists between archaeologists themselves. The Biblical camp is dominant in Jerusalem while the critical camp holds more ground in Tel Aviv. The latter argues that absolutely no evidence suggests that tales in the Bible ever happened. They pointed out that even the palace present in Jerusalem does not date back to Davidic era.

It is an irony that the research was part of a Zionist project. However, with every excavation, contradictory findings piled up. Instead of substantiating the Bible, the 1970s and the 1980s diggings pointed the other way: it was a work of fiction.

To give an example, no wall remains were dug up from the timeline when Joshua was supposed to have lived, around 13BC. There was zero evidence that a large number of peop[le pushed into Canaan during the settlement period after the Exodus. The fact is that the Exodus did not happen at all. Kings David and Solomon did not exist at all.


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