Irish Priest Asks For Back-Up As Demand For Exorcisms Rises "Exponentially"

Irish Priest Asks For Back-Up As Demand For Exorcisms Rises “Exponentially”

International Association of Exorcists (IAE) also reports dramatic increase in demonic activity Father Pat Collins, an Irish priest and exorcist, in an open letter

7 Myths About St. Patrick’s Day

A look into some misconceptions and myths about St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick Day has always been celebrated for many years in Ireland. During

Ireland Abolishes Rule That Prioritizes Religious Teaching Over Other Subjects

A 50-year-old rule mandating religious instruction in Irish schools has been lifted. Education advisers to the Irish Government have unveiled a number of ground

Pietro Parolin

Vatican Stands Behind Cardinal’s “Defeat for Humanity” Statement

After Ireland publicly legalized same-sex marriage, a Cardinal called the decision a "defeat for humanity," and the Vatican stands behind him. Ireland's recent referendum

Dublin Gay Pride

How Did the Catholic Church Lose Ireland’s Gay Marriage Vote?

Despite the Catholic Church's stance against same-sex marriage and Ireland's majority Catholic population, Ireland voted to legalize gay marriage. In a turn events that

Catholic Priest links Yoga and Satan during Satanism Sermon

The Hindu community has asked Pope Francis to discipline the Catholic priest who says yoga and Indian head massage lead to Satanism. Two Sundays


And The Most Truly Muslim Country In The World Is? Ireland?!?!?

That's right, Ireland is the truly most Muslim country in the world! And another shocker? Israel is more compliant with ideals of the Koran

How Did The Irish Minister for Education Anger Teachers?

Ruairi Quinn, the Irish Minister for Education, spoke at a meeting organised by INTO, the Irish National Teachers Organisation, ruffled some feathers by offering

Atheism In Irish Schools

Irish Elementary Students to Learn About Atheism and Agnosticism Next School Year

Elementary school children in Ireland will learn about atheism, agnosticism and humanism. The group Educate Together, a multi-denominational curriculum provider, and the group Atheist

Anglican Bishop Pat Storey

Church of Ireland Elects First Female to Serve as Anglican Bishop

Newly appointed bishop, Pat Storey, is given a book about the history of St. Augustine's Church, where she was a reverend. In a meeting