Should Church's Receive Disaster Relief

Should Disaster Aid Go To Religious Organizations?

FEMA thinking of changing their policy Three churches in the Houston area have recently filed lawsuits against the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The

Stop Saying Storms are God's Wills

Stop Saying Natural Disasters Are God’s Will

People Don't Know Motivations of God People have lost their minds. Case in point, Kirk Cameron made a video claiming the devastating hurricanes the

Scientology Volunteer Ministers serving meals

Over 1,700 Meals Donated by Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Florida

Volunteer Ministers donated hot meals, ice, and water on Wednesday to help the community recover from Hurricane Irma. The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers


Girls Send Bibles to Hurricane Victims

Sisters Raise Money for Bibles Since August 2017, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have swept through the United States, the West Indies, and the Caribbean