Pope Francis

Pope Stresses Christian-Jewish Unity Amid Antisemitism Surge and Gaza Conflict

Reiterating the Catholic Church’s denunciation of all manifestations of antisemitism while reaffirming the historic ties among Christians and Jews, Pope Francis has expressed his

Jerusalem Christian Quarter Church

Anti-Christian Incidents Grow in Israel

Church leaders fear an increasing wave of anti-Christian incidents in the Holy Land, largely due to little or no attention given by law enforcement

Israeli Scientist Recreate a 5,000-Year-Old Beer

Israeli Scientists Recreate a 5,000-Year-Old Beer

The taste is believed to be authentic An Israeli team of archaeologists, beer brewers, and biologists have successfully brewed ancient beer dating back to

Pope Francis Seems to Show Support for Palestinians

Pope Francis Seems to Show Support for Palestinians

17 dead, Thousands injured at the Israeli-Gaza border Pope Francis asked for “reconciliation for Holy Land” during his Easter Sunday speech.[/tweetit] His words referenced

Jerusalem Holy Site Closed Doors in Protest

Jerusalem Holy Site Closed in Protest

Jerusalem municipality clarifies stand, saying that worship structures will not be taxed Jerusalem's church leaders on February 25 bolted the doors of Church of

Mary Magdalene film

New ‘Mary Magdalene’ Movie with Joaquin Phoenix & Rooney Mara as Jesus & Mary Magdalene

'Mary Magdalene' is to released during Easter weekend 2018. Mary Magdalene, a film which many thought might win at the 2017 Oscars, has released

Pope Francis Calls for Respect of ‘Status-Quo’ in Jerusalem

Pope Francis met senior leaders of the Palestinian Authority Pope Francis asked for Jerusalem's "status quo" to be maintained[/tweetit], pointing out that renewed tension

High-Tech Museum of The Bible to Open in 2017

The Museum of The Bible is set to be one of the biggest and most technologically advanced museums ever. Is there a way in

Site of Moses' Death Reopens After 10-Year-Long Restoration Process

Site of Moses’ Death Reopens After 10-Year-Long Restoration Process

Memorial site where Moses saw the Promised Land reopens Moses, one of the most of the important figures to Jews, Christians and Muslims for

New Study Shows Israel’s Deep Division in Religious Identity

New Study Shows Israel’s Deep Division in Religious Identity

Religious identities in Israel fracture society according to new research from Pew. For its small size, Israel holds great importance for adherents of three