Religion Is Not an Excuse for Gay Discrimination or Homophobia

John Oliver was on roll with his satirical rant about those who hide behind religion to excuse their discrimination of the LGBT. In one

John Oliver Condemns Televangelists and Tithing on Last Week Tonight

John Oliver exposes the tithing tactics televangelists use under the disguise of promised prosperity. Have you heard of Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption? It’s

Watch Monk Rescue Unwanted Children in ‘Tashi and the Monk’ Documentary on HBO

The heartwarming story of one man’s vision of a safe haven for abandoned children is depicted in Tashi and the Monk. On August 17,

scientology hbo gibney

Church of Scientology fights back against alleged claims in upcoming HBO documentary ‘Going Clear’

The Church of Scientology is in the spotlight, and it’s not related to their expansion or humanitarian efforts. Documentarian Alex Gibney’s latest project is

HBO Scientology Film Announced

BREAKING: HBO has just announced a new Scientology focused film based on the Lawrence Wright book titled "Going Clear," which the Church Of Scientology

The Leftovers Painting

TV Show ‘The Leftovers’ Investigates What Happens After This Ancient Bible Concept Comes to Life [Video]

The Leftovers is HBO’s new show that asks, "How might humanity react to a global rapture? And could it lead to religion being taken