Whoopi Goldberg Surprises Harlem Nuns with $10,000 and a New Car

via video screenshot Sister Act's Whoppi Goldberg surprises nuns working hard to help African-American children. The order of the Franciscan Handmaids of the Most

Verlene Cheeseboro. Photo credit, DNAINfo.com

Verlene Cheeseboro, The Scientology Minister Bringing Scientology To Harlem

Verlene Cheeseboro is pastor of Harlem’s Church of Scientology. Verlene states that she believes in religious tolerance as was evidenced in her quote in

Church Of Scientology East Harlem

Church of Scientology Building New Church and Community Center in Harlem

A new Church of Scientology in East Harlem, NY, is set to open in 2014 and will also include a community center. The future

Verlene Cheeseboro

Creating A Positive Future For Harlem Youth

Verlene Cheeseboro (right) with Queen Mother Parousia Jordan (center), a Harlem elder, at the opening of the Volunteer Ministers tent in Harlem. Realizing that