Southern Baptists Offered to Pay for Church Victim Funerals

A church attack on Sunday at First Baptist in Sutherland Springs, Texas left 26 people dead. The North American Mission Board, on behalf of

Catholic Leader Tells His Priests To Deny Gay Catholics Funerals

Catholic Leader Tells His Priest To Deny Gay Catholics Funeral Rites

Secret Memo Causing Controversy Over Guidelines For Determining Public Ceremony The phrase “secret memo released” rarely leads to happy information being released. An email

Wayne Hanson Scientology Life

Life After Death—What Scientology Did for Me

Scientologist Wayne Hanson recounts how a quote by the religion's founder helped him through the loss of his wife. From the time my wife

Imbolc: How Pagans Celebrate the Coming Spring

Rituals of Imbolc and Lughnasadh festivals. Different religions and traditions all over the world have their own way of celebrating the transition from one

Garry Shandling Will Be Ordained As a Monk In Buddhist Funeral Service

Long-time Buddhist comedian Garry Shandling will become a monk during his Buddhist funeral service next month. The famous Larry Sanders Show star Garry Shandling


Pagans Celebrate Coming of Spring with Imbolc Festival

Rituals and Traditions of Pagan Imbolc and Lughnasadh. The ancient Celtics, pagans and including the neopagans of today honor and celebrate the four different

Lakewood Woman's Funeral

Lakewood Church Refuses to Host Lesbian Funeral

A Lakewood church has garnered protests after refusing to host funeral services for a lesbian wife and mother. A church in Lakewood, CO has

Ugandan Reverend Levi Okello Says NO To Sunday Funerals

Reverend Levi Okello, the priest at a small church in Uganda, has announced that Sunday funerals will no longer be allowed to take place.