New Film “Miracles” Explores Extraordinary Events That Have Awed People for Years

The 35-minute film Miracles will help Christians distinguish between genuine and fake miracles. Saint Anthony Communications recently released a film on DVD titled Miracles.

Jennifer Garner’s New Movie Role Helped Bring Her Family Back to Church

The impact of "Miracles From Heaven" on Jennifer Garner. The Sony Pictures movie Miracles From Heaven tells the heartwarming and true story concerning the

“Japanese Schindler” Who Saved 6,000 Jews During WWII Featured in Movie

Movie focused on "Japanese Schindler" who saved 6,000 lives will debut January 31, 2016. At a time when the attention of the world is

Watch Gay Muslim’s Daring Pilgrimage to Mecca in ‘A Sinner in Mecca’

Parvez Sharma, a gay Muslim, filmed his Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, taking viewers where they've never been before. Imagine that you’ve been brought up

Louis Theroux

BBC-sponsored Scientology Documentary by Louis Theroux, ‘My Scientology Movie,’ to Premiere in October

Seasoned documentarian Louis Theroux's My Scientology Movie  is set to world premiere in London next month. The film will be the second documentary to

Entertainment giant Jerry Weintraub believed in “higher power”

Weintraub began paying attention to what he called a higher power after his success as a concert promoter for Elvis, Frank Sinatra and others.

The Unlikely Savior of Movies About Religion: Indie Filmmakers

Christian movies have developed somewhat of a reputation as agenda-driven propaganda. It’s no surprise that a majority of religious films that are released are

Finding Noah, Documentary Trailer Released – Watch the Filmmaker’s Search for Noah’s Ark

Timing is everything. Following the hooray and controversy din created by the successful release of Noah starring Russell Crowe, documentary filmmakers Brent Baum (Director/Producer)

Jerusalem Movie

“Jerusalem” IMAX Movie Shows the City in a New Light

The news of the continuing feud between the nations of Palestine and Israel are not unknown to the world. However, a new film from

PeaceMakers Film

Documentary on Violence in America, Sparked by Wisconsin Sikh Shooting, Raising Funds on Kickstarter

Visit 'The Peacemakers' Kickstarter Project Documentary filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka's newest project, PeaceMakers is a film that examines the problem of violence in America. The