Teen Created and Injected DNA Translated from the Bible and Quran

Teen Created and Injected Himself with DNA Translated from the Bible and Quran

Locatelli followed the rAAV method to write the genetic code. Adrien Locatelli, a high school student in France, has bioengineered DNA which derives its

National Geographic Dec 2017 Jesus Real

National Geographic: Jesus was Real

National Geographic's December cover article is criticized for its bias. The December 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine chucks up rational thought and for

Great Britain Paves the Way for Three Parent Babies, Raises Moral Issues for Christians

Ethical objections raised to creating "designer" babies by using DNA from three parents to avoid severe medical conditions. Is it "playing God?" The British

DNA Shroud of Turin

DNA Reveals World Origins of the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin was possibly created in India according to new DNA research. The famed Shroud of Turin, which many believe is the

Raelians Set Out to Prove There’s No Christ in Communion Wafers

Raelians expose "Catholic fraud" with scientific study, demonstrate that host wafers are simply bread. Raelian scientists have recently undertaken DNA testing of host wafers,