ECLA is America’s First 'Sanctuary Church Body'

ELCA is America’s First ‘Sanctuary Church Body’

Pledge to help immigrants Close to 3.5 million Christians, represented by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), have voted to become America's first

Hillary Clinton What Happened book

Hillary Clinton Used Pope Francis’ TED Talk to Cope with Election Loss

Clinton's What Happened provides a wealth of information on the 2016 presidential campaign In What Happened, Hillary Clinton, describes how she moved beyond her

United States Judge Blocks Deportation of Iraqis

Iraqi Nationals Successfully Argue About Fear of Religious Prosecution A United States Federal Judge has temporarily stopped the deportation of Iraqis from the United

Christian Refugees Landing in America Over the Previous Decades Are Now Targets for Deportation

President Trump's strict enforcement of refugee deportation hits his administration's concern for Christian refugees. An analysis of refugee data published by the U.S. State

Over 300 Churches in US Offering Sanctuary from Immigration Authorities

New Sanctuary Movement garners more followers vowing to prevent immigrant deportations. The Philadelphia-headquartered New Sanctuary Movement has seen 300 churches spread all over the

Sanctuary Movement PA

Sanctuary Movement offers Refuge for Central Americans Targeted for Deportation

Churches in the U.S. provide a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants from Central America. Leaders of Sanctuary Movement, a church-centric organization, along with many other