Hillary Clinton What Happened book

Hillary Clinton Used Pope Francis’ TED Talk to Cope with Election Loss

Hillary Clinton What Happened book
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Clinton’s What Happened provides a wealth of information on the 2016 presidential campaign

In What Happened, Hillary Clinton, describes how she moved beyond her shock, defeat, and anger[/tweetit]- to the Republican candidate and now President Donald Trump. Her book contains a wide plethora of information, from empathizing with Trump voters who later told journalists they voted for him only because he pledged to revitalize the U.S. economy. Her empathy showed as she explains the number of minorities who are afraid of being deported from the United States after the Trump administration came to power.

Hillary Clinton Used Pope Francis’ TED Talk to Cope with Election Loss[/tweetthis]

Clinton pointed out the motivations of Trump voters. She confessed she wondered how it was her responsibility along with her supporters to open their hearts to individuals holding opposing political views. She wrote, “And yet I’ve come to believe that for me personally and for our country generally, we have no choice but to try.”

What Happened mentions the pope
The former Democratic presidential candidate then tells of a TED Talk given by Pope Francis. The pope gave his TED Talk as a recorded speech in April, a first from the papacy. The talk urged people to work for a future which will prop up the most marginalized in society. This list includes prisoners, migrants, unemployed and the sick.

Hillary Clinton describes his talk as an amazing one, recounting especially when the pontiff asked for a “revolution of tenderness.” Clinton said, “What a phrase! He said, ‘We all need each other, none of us is an island, an autonomous and independent ‘I,’ separated from the other, and we can only build the future by standing together, including everyone.’”

Clinton said that by tenderness, the pontiff meant to use one's eyes to view the other and ears to hear other others say. It is important to listen to the poor and the children. It is also extremely important to listen to those individuals who are afraid of what is in the future. She said what is needed in the United States can be only described as “radical empathy.”

The What Happened book became a bestselling book on Amazon soon after its release. The book also mentions Pope Francis multiple times, including when the pontiff sparred with Trump on immigration issues. Clinton also noted that the pope was the victim of fake news himself. There were reports, later proved to be lies, that the pontiff has endorsed Trump as the presidential candidate.


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