IDF Solider Urges Jewish Students To Take Valuable Gap Year Despite Violence

Heartfelt soldier's video asks parents to be strong and allow their children to continue gap year studies in Israel. A gap year is a

Rise in Jew-Hatred on California University Campuses Prompts Movement to Redefine “Anti-Semitism”

Jewish groups ask for changes in anti-Semitism definition in the University of California school system. Several Jewish organizations have petitioned the University of California

study religion

Top 5 Reasons to Study Religion in College

Trying to decide what to study in college? Here are the Top 5 reasons to study religion. Are you a college student who is

Huffington Post’s Muslim Series: College Students Want to Break the Stereotypes

Alexandria Svokos from Huffington Post is writing up a series of interviews with different Muslim college students across the country. The series includes essays,

College Religious Leader

Bill to choose college group leader based on religion fails

A controversial piece of legislation, which would allow groups to pick their religious group leader based on religion in college, has failed. A House

Millenial College Students

The Connection Between Religion and Millennial College Students

Many studies have been done in the last decade on the connection between religion and Millennials. One common discovery is that Millennial who are

Sunset with CRAVE Crowd

CRAVE Ministries Expands with a New Program

The Christians Reviving America's ValuEs (CRAVE) have announced that they have created a new branch of their ministry that will be headed by recently