Speculation Mounting in Alabama Senate Race – Abortion, Black Christians

It helps Republicans that Alabama is a conservative state. Outside Alabama, the key issue being discussed in the Alabama senate race is the allegations

Pioneer Day and The Civil War Everyone Forgot

The Utah War was the United States Government vs. Latter-day Saints. A war with no battles. The first rebellion by a state in U.S.

The Mormon Pioneer Day Holiday

Traditions and reenactment of the historic Mormon pioneer trek. July 24 of each year is a state holiday in Utah, the location of the

Mormon Elder Says Religious Freedom Is in Danger

Elder Christofferson urges religious believers to stand up for religious freedom. The Freedom Festival Patriotic Service organized by America's Freedom Festival saw the 11th

Evangelist Luis Palau: “Mainline Churches Need to Wake Up or They’re Dead”

Churches need to teach "basic Biblical doctrine," but reports on the decline of religion are nothing to worry about according to Luis Palau. Luis

Sunni vs Shiite

Is the Shiite/Sunni Conflict REALLY only about religion?

As shocking as the video clips of Sunni militants mowing down Shiites in Iraq with AK-47s and then handing out Qurans can be, the

Syrian President Assad Promises to “Remain Steadfast” on Easter

On Sunday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited an ancient Christian town recaptured from rebels last week. Recently, Syria has suffered from much conflict. The