Christmas in America

Five Facts About Christmas in America

Christian or Not; Christmas is a time for friends and family. Whatever the debates are at this moment, one thing is a certainty: Christmas

Dictionary of Buddhism

‘The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism’ Wins the 2015 Dartmouth Medal

The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism  has carted away the 2015 edition of the prestigious Dartmouth Medal for being the most outstanding reference work. The

Beautifully minimal Buddhist micro-altars are designed for mourning in a modern world

Keita Suzuki has redesigned Buddhist prayer altars for micro-sized Tokyo apartments. Buddhists all around the world will be cheerful at the news that a

Buddhist Temple

Russia Sets the Stage for Religious Diversity with New Buddhist Temple

Moscow's first Buddhist temple, symbolizing Russia’s religious diversity and promoting friendly inter-confessional and inter-ethnic relations, will be built in Russia's capital by 2017. A

Buddhism and Meditation: Finding Value in the Journey and the Goal

Jey Ehrenhalt contemplates Buddhism, meditation and path to enlightenment. The best lie Buddhism ever told me. Maybe. by The Mindful Word. “The more we try

Buddha Day

Buddhists Celebrate Buddha Day with Prayer and Good Deeds

Wesak, or Vesak, also known as Buddha Day, is a day for Buddhists to celebrate Siddhartha Gautama's birth, enlightenment, and death. The day is

Thay to speak at Google

Google Invites Buddhist Monk To Speak At Full-Day Training Session

Celebrated Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh will speak at Google this month Google has taken a vested interest in an 87-year-old Vietnamese Zen Buddhist