Buddhist Scholar Steven Collins Dies

Buddhist Scholar Steven Collins Dies at 66

Collins has positively influenced the world of academia on Buddhism. Pali language specialist and renowned Buddhist scholar Steven Collins passed away[/tweetit] on February 15

How ‘Groundhog Day’ Is The Ultimate Buddhism Movie

Personal redemption holds the key to enlightenment Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, the detestable, egotistical weatherman in Groundhog Day. The 1993 film shows Murray

Faith in Recovery Pt. 7

Faith In Recovery Pt. 7: How Religious Communities Combat Addiction

Shared Suffering for Communities and Different Approaches to Solving it. “And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if they have saved


The New Bitcoin for Buddhists

Blockchain technology made Lotos Network possible If a few Buddhist programmers have their way, the world will soon witness a new spiritual community based

Buddhist Inner Path Festival Begins Today

2017 Festival of Buddhist films, art and philosophy kicks off today. Teamwork Arts is proud to present The Inner Path (TIP), a festival of

Buddhist Leaders’ ‘Call to Action’ Against Policies of the New Administration

Stand Against Suffering: A Buddhist Call to Action The foundation of Buddhism is based on compassion and peace, however, that doesn't mean that all

Harvard has a New Free Online Course About Buddhism

Harvard University's new "Buddhism Through its Scriptures" free online course. The rise in demand to learn about Buddhism has resulted in a number of

Meditation in the Big Noise: Find Your Inner Peace in New York City

Buddhist street meditation sessions in busy areas of New York are becoming popular among New Yorkers, proving meditation can be done anywhere. While traditional

Buddhist Monk Mummified and Covered In Gold

Beloved Buddhist Monk Fu Hou was enshrined in gold and placed near the temple to be worshipped. A Chinese monk who breathed his last

Buddhists Celebrate Magha Puja Day

Traditions and history behind Magha Puja Day. Magha Puja is also known as the Full Moon Day. It is a Buddhist festival that is