Profiles in Faith: Bishop Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

The name of the outspoken 68-year-old son of a Black Presbyterian priest became an international household word in 2019 after his passionate sermon in

How Pope Francis Is Renewing The Cardinals Of The Catholic Church

How Pope Francis is Renewing The Cardinals of the Catholic Church

Major Changes Have Come To The Structure of The Church via Pope Francis. Pope Francis has made another change to the Catholic Church by

Should Confessionals Be Confidential?

Should Catholic Confessionals Be Confidential?

Is This Allowing Crimes To Go Unpunished? The Catholic Church provides that it is the unconditional obligation of priests to keep whatever information is

Steve Bannon Attacks Catholic Church

Steve Bannon Attacks Catholic Church

Attacks Catholic Bishop's Stance on Immigration. Steve Bannon, only a month from leaving the White House, is already stirring up controversy. In tonight’s interview

Religious Groups Call Out Health Care Bill

The bill is being attacked for targeting the poor. Several religious organizations have sent public letters and letters to Congress arguing against the

Catholic Bishops in UK Call Out Trump on Reversal of Cuba Policy

Catholics and Baptists oppose Trump’s decision to roll back Obama-time policies on Cuba-US ties. US Bishops are coming togetherto request the president to reconsider

United Methodist Church Moves Toward Accepting Homosexuality with Nomination of 3 Gay Bishops

The nomination of three openly gay ministers goes against the United Methodist Church's rules on homosexuality. Three ministers of United Methodist Church, Rev. Karen

Michael Curry is the first African-American to lead Episcopal Church

New Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry was installed this weekend at the Washington National Cathedral. The Episcopal Church on Sunday installed Michael Curry as

Bishop Of Bling

Luxurious Home Renovation Gets German Bishop Suspended, Dubbed “Bishop of Bling”

The newly dubbed "Bishop of Bling," Limburg's Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, exits his vintage BMW convertible. Tebartz-van Elst has been suspended for commissioning a $42

Bishop Allyson Abrams

Detroit Pastor Allyson Abrams Resigns after Marrying a Woman

A pastor based in Detroit has made the decision to stand down from her congregation after announcing that she has married a woman, the