Google Honors Priest Who Created The Big Bang Theory With Doodle

Google Honors Priest Who Created The Big Bang Theory With Doodle

Catholic priest honored for the time by Google Google honored Father Georges Lemaitre through a Doodle on its principal landing page.[/tweetit] The company changes

Did You Know a Christian Priest Created the Big Bang Theory?

George Lemaitre, a Belgian, discovered the cosmic event in 1947. The church is still in a quandary about a particular scientific hypothesis: the

Science? God? Atheists vs. Christians in Intelligence Squared Debate

Looking back at the Intelligence Squared debate between Christians an Atheists with commentary by Baha'i Sci-fi writer Maya Bohnhoff. Intelligence Squared, a non-profit organization

Most U.S. Evangelicals Don’t Believe in Evolution, But Do Believe in Climate Change

A recent survey shows evangelicals are less likely to believe in evolution than in climate change. A survey has found evangelicals are more doubtful

Creationism Will No Longer Be Taught in Ohio Schools

Creationism Will No Longer Be Taught in Ohio Schools

Ohio schools have eliminated all references to intelligent design, creationism from the science curriculum. Youngstown, Ohio schools CEO Crish Mohip has declared that his

Creationists Want to Build a Planetarium in Dallas

The Institute for Creation Research is planning to build a planetarium, lecture hall, and exhibit space when they expand their headquarters in Dallas. The

Ben Carson Creation

Atheist Richard Dawkins thinks Carson is a “Disgrace” Because He Doesn’t Trust Evolution

Ben Carson touts creationism during Nashville speech; on CNN Richard Dawkins says he's embarrassed by Carson. Ben Carson, the Republican presidential candidate, has once

Frank Tipler

Former Atheist Professor Believes in God After Researching Big Bang Theory

Inspired by scientists who came before him, an American atheist professor has converted to Christianity and is working to prove God is real. Physicists

Evolution And Pope Francis

Big Bang Theory Agrees with the Bible Says Pope Francis

Pope Francis endorsed scientific findings like the Big Bang Theory and Evolution. He claims that they are compatible with the Bible and the Catholic

Shocking number of Americans don’t believe The Big Bang Theory

A new poll says the majority of Americans don't believe in the Big Bang Theory, but scientists are doubting the accuracy of the survey.