Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India

Houses of Worship: Worship Blooms in The Lotus Temple

Delhi, capital of India, second most populous city in the world and growing nearly three percent annually, is home to dozens of churches, temples

Take a Look at the Beautiful New Baha’i Temple in Chile

New Baha’i temple in Santiago, Chile has had over 25,000 visitors since October. Members of the Baha’i community in Santiago, Chile have had to

Baha’is Dedicate New Welcome Center at America’s Only Baha’i House of Worship

A Welcome Center at Chicago’s Bahai Temple has just opened. The temple itself is considered one of Illinois’ "Seven wonders," according to the state

Construction of Baha’i Temple in Chile Making Great Progress

Nearly 100 years after the religion was brought to Chile, a new Baha'i temple is being crafted in Santiago at the base of the