Austria’s Muslims are Concerned After Election Results

The Austrian far-right has captured a majority of the vote Austrian Muslims are concerned but not afraid of the rise of right-wing sentiment in

Austria Honors 31 Jehovah’s Witnesses

Austria Recognizes 31 Jehovah’s Witnesses Who Were Killed in Concentration Camps

About 154 Witnesses who were Austrian citizens perished in the Holocaust. On May 19, 2017, Techelsberg, Austria held a ceremony to remember Jehovah's Witnesses

Dalai Lama on Refugee Crisis and U.K.’s Reaction to Migrants: Killing Must End

The Dalai Lama Addresses the European response to the latest wave of refugees and offers a solution to future migrant problems at an Oxford

Austria Islam Law

Austria Passes A Controversial Law On Islam

The Austrian parliament has passed a law that is designed to prevent the funding of radical Islam within their nation. The law was proposed