Book returned

Lost in the Holocaust, He Returned To His Family 79 Years Later Through A Recovered Book of Scripture

It might have made a great movie script, but rejected out of hand as too incredible to be believed—yet it happened. A 13-year-old boy—a

Douglas Emhoff

America’s Second Gentleman Takes A Journey to His Roots to Remember—And to Heal

Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, took a journey back to his roots on an expedition that opened old wounds as well as some pathways to

Holocaust Survivor and Step-sister of Anne Frank Meets with High School Students from an anti-Semitic Photo

Step-Sister of Anne Frank Meets with HS Students in Anti-Semitic Photos

The students apologized for the photos posted to social media. Eva Schloss, a survivor of Auschwitz concentration camp and the stepsister of Anne Frank,

Holocaust Survivor Escaped Death at Tree of Life Synagogue

Holocaust Survivor Dodges Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting by 4 Minutes

Judah Samet was four minutes late to services. Judah Samet, a survivor of the Holocaust, escaped death once again when he was late to

SoCal Teen Raises $15,000 to Take Holocaust Survivor Henry Oster to Israel

A Westlake Village teen's fundraising campaign took a Holocaust survivor and his wife to Israel for the first time. 17-year-old Drew Principe, raised around

Pope Francis Prays for those Lost at Auschwitz Death Camp

Pope Francis wrote a prayer for forgiveness in the Auschwitz commemorative book. As part of his five-day tour to Poland, Pope Francis made a

Auschwitz Survivor Elie Wiesel Dies at 87

The 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel was laid to rest at a Manhattan synagogue. Elie Wiesel, the Romanian-born American Jewish writer, Holocaust

Remembering Regina Jonas, The First Female Rabbi in the World, Who Died in Auschwitz

Jewish archive reveals information on the first woman rabbi, Regina Jonas, who was ordained in the 1930s. When Sally Priesand was ordained as a

Pope Francis Expresses His Desire to Visit Auschwitz

Pope Francis wants to pray at the former German Nazi Concentration Camp Auschwitz located in Poland. Pope Francis has informed Andrzej Duda, the Polish

Israel Honors History with Holocaust Remembrance Day

Prayer candles line a wall at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Holocaust Remembrance Day is a day during which we