Wonderful statue of Shiva and Sarvati (Image by Erik Törner, Creative Commons 2.0)

Stolen Hindu Artifacts Return Home as Nepal Celebrates Repatriation Efforts

Call it the return of the deities. After being stolen and smuggled overseas for years, dozens of statues depicting Nepal’s revered gods and goddesses

Hobby Lobby Returning Thousands of Stolen Artifacts

Hobby Lobby Returned Thousands of Stolen Artifacts

Approximately 3,800 artifacts were stolen from Iraq. The U.S. Justice Department announced thousands of priceless artifacts of Iraqi origin which were stolen and smuggled

National Geographic Dec 2017 Jesus Real

National Geographic: Jesus was Real

National Geographic's December cover article is criticized for its bias. The December 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine chucks up rational thought and for

Smithsonian Gets First Religion Curator in Over 120 Years

Smithsonian Gets First Religion Curator in Over 120 Years

Peter Manseau is the first religion curator of the Smithsonian Institution since the 1890s. Religion and museums have always had a rough relationship. In

Did Hobby Lobby Steal Artifacts For Their Bible Museum?

Feds investigate Bible artifacts that may have been stolen from Iraq and acquired by Hobby Lobby owners. The owners of Hobby Lobby, who plan

Egypt’s Melting Pot of Religions on Display in British Museum

Egypt’s Melting Pot of Religions on Display in British Museum

Exhibit on religion in Egypt accurately displays how many religions all have the same roots. Many men and women have walked in the lands

All Roads Lead to The Lost City of Sodom

Archaeologists think they have finally discovered the lost city of Sodom in Jordan. A team of U.S. archaeologists from the Trinity Southwest University headed

Volunteer Ministers Religious Artifacts In Nepal

Earthquake-stricken Nepal faces cultural loss; Scientology Volunteer Ministers help to recover religious artifacts in capital Kathmandu

The earthquakes in April and May were devastating not only for the people of Nepal. Several of the country's heritage sites were destroyed or

ISIS Burning Christian Artifacts

ISIS’ Stolen Artifacts and Torture Chamber Churches

ISIS has stolen ancient religious artifacts and converted churches into torture chambers in their ongoing war. ISIS has, in the past, taken to terrorizing religious