Pope Francis Laughs at Heresy Accusation

Pope Francis Laughs at Heresy Accusation

Open letter accusing the pope of being a heretic In an interview of Pope Francis with Valentina Alazraki, the Mexican reporter on Vatican duty,

Franklin Graham: The Affair is Not Your Business God Chose Trump

Franklin Graham: Stormy Daniels is Not Your Business, God Chose Trump

Franklin Graham shows his hypocrisy In a recent interview with the Associated Press evangelist Franklin Graham said the scandal involving Stormy Daniels and President

The Quran Does Not Oppress Women, Sharia-Based Islam Does

The mistreatment of Islamic women should be blamed on Sharia Law, not the Quran. The campaign theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is

The Catholic Church In The Battle Against Pornography

U.S. Bishops have issued a Pastoral letter examining the worldwide pornography crisis. U.S. bishops for the first time have issued a pastoral letter directed

Westboro Pickets Kim Davis: She’s a “Fake Christian”

Westboro Baptist Church picketed outside Rowan County, Kentucky courthouse. Kim Davis has come under fire again, and this time it's the Westboro Baptist Church

Is Divorce a Sin? If you No Longer Love Each Other, Yes

Americans and Protestant pastors were asked if divorce was a sin, but the answer isn't quite black and white. Most Americans do not consider