Catholics Protestants more in common

Catholics and Protestants in Historic Harmony

The schism brought by Martin Luther is becoming irrelevant due to less religiosity in Europe A report published by Pew Research Center has revealed

Martin Luther Exhibit Shows How He Used Technology to Start a Revolution in the 1500s

New exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts shows how Martin Luther used the printing press to fuel the Protestant Reformation. Five centuries ago,

Why Pope Francis' Trip to Sweden is A Really Big Deal

Why Pope Francis’ Trip to Sweden is A Really Big Deal

Pope Francis will travel to Sweden for a joint commemoration of the Reformation. There was once a time when Europe was torn violently apart

After Years of Division, Lutherans and Catholics Will Unite for Reformation Anniversary

After centuries of division the two groups will come together for Reformation Anniversary. Lutherans and Catholics have agreed to celebrate, together, the Reformation Anniversary,