Trump's Plan to Shield Employers from Doing Things against their Religion

Trump’s Plan to Shield Employers from Doing Things Against their Religion

Trump's Plan to Shield Employers from Doing Things against their Religion

Obama-era restrictions are being scaled back

Health care workers who will not perform their duties due to personal religious objections will now presumably be protected from being dismissed by the Trump administration.[/tweetit] The list of procedures which will be affected by such a law includes the treatment of transgender patients or abortions. The new rule is at present in its proposal stage.

Trump’s Plan to Shield Employers from Doing Things against their Religion[/tweetthis]

The proposed regulation will give power to The Department of Human Health Services civil rights office to protect such workers who plead not to commit to their violation of conscience. This rule can also be utilized to punish organizations which refuse to permit their employees to act as per their beliefs.

The proposed rule has been greeted by LGBT activists with dismay. They have expressed concerns the new rule could strengthen any discriminatory attitudes towards the patients who identify themselves as LGBT and like community members. Harper Jean Tobin, an official of National Center for Transgender Equality, said that the rule uses the excuse of religion to hurt people who are different than other. There is a fair chance that the new rule could be applied as early as January 31. If this is done, the Department of Health and Human Services will have a brand new division which will be responsible for the rule's proper enforcement.

It is to be noted that Roger Severino, who heads the civil rights office at the HHS, has a distinct record of supporting religious groups. He has earlier argued against the LGBT projections. He was known to rights activists as being highly critical of providing transgender patients procedures for the transition.

Rights activists fear that safeguards for the conscience violators will be strengthened under Trump. These safeguards were stripped away when President Barack Obama was in the White House. This is almost a surety as the Trump administration has made the term “religious freedom” its signature action policy. The present White House resident has discarded in 2017 the Obama era founded proclamation of June as the LGBT Pride month.

It is a surety that things are proceeding in that direction. Noel Francisco, the solicitor general, has asserted that businesses must have every right to hang signs which engage in active discrimination against gay individuals within their premises. He declared the same to the Supreme Court at a time when the justices weighed arguments in the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop versus Colorado Civil Rights Commission.


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