Most Religious Countries

These 10 Countries Are the Most Religious

Most Religious Countries

Insider Monkey has released a list in which it ranks the top ten religious countries in the world. Ghana topped the list followed by Nigeria, Fiji and Armenia.

Which country has the most religious people? Insider Monkey took a look at the percentage of the population in each country that are active worshippers. These are the results.

1. Ghana

96% of population.
Ghana is one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world, with Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews.

2. Nigeria

93% of population.
Unlike many countries, Nigeria’s religious population is split almost down the middle between Christians and Muslims.

3. Fiji

93% of population.
Even though the tiny island of Fiji is in the middle of nowhere, Methodist missionaries established a h6 religious community there.

4. Armenia

92% of population.
In 301, Armenia became the very first state to adopt Christianity as the state religion. Many Christians had to go underground when the country was in the USSR.

5. Macedonia

92% of population.
Macedonia has been invaded so many times by so many different peoples that there are a huge variety of religious groups here.

6. Romania

89% of population.
As well as mainstream religions in Romania, the people here have h6 beliefs in spirits, monsters, vampires, and werewolves.

7. Iraq

88% of population.
Islam is the predominant religion in Iraq, with around 95% of people identifying as a Muslim, although not all are regular worshippers.

8. Kenya

88% of population.
Kenya has a huge number of different tribal groups living within its borders but the vast majority of them follow a kind of Christianity.

9. Peru

86% of population.
Many people in Peru stick to the native religion of Mother Earth, or Pachamama.

10. Brazil

85% of population.
The most popular religion here is Christianity – both Catholicism and Protestantism.


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