Send Virtual Prayers to the Western Wall with The Kotel Prayer

By askii (People praying at the Western Wall) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By askii (People praying at the Western Wall) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Kotel Prayer: Send your personal message to G-d, in your own words, in any language.

Jews and other individuals around the world who would like to make their prayers to God at the Western Wall but can’t physically visit Jerusalem now have an alternative through The Kotel Prayer. The Kotel Prayer is a website based in Jerusalem that offers prayer delivery service to the Western Wall or Kotel.

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The Western Wall or Kotel is considered to be the holiest place for Jews. It’s the surviving remnant of the Second Temple which was destroyed as a result of the Roman invasion in 70 CE. The four walls of the Second Temple actually survived but the western side is regarded as the most important because it is the closest to the Holy of Holies. The Holy of Holies is the core or inner heart of the First and Second Temples and the location of the Tabernacle Place where many believed that God dwelt.

The Western Wall is also situated in Mount Moriah or Temple Mount where many biblical and significant historical events took place. On its peak (Foundation Stone), it is believed to be where Adam was created by God. It’s the place where Abraham took his son Isaac as a sacrifice to God. The mount is also associated with Jacob’s dream with angels.

Such religious significance made the Western Wall the venue of Jewish prayer. Jews including tourists flock to the wall to pray for almost any request and give thanks to God. Some Jews pray very intensely and emotionally that the Kotel was eventually called the “Wailing Wall.” The wall also became a top venue for family, community and state events. There’s an old tradition of inserting written prayers into the cracks of the stone wall and recently, this custom has been used to serve and bring prayers to the Western Wall in behalf of sick Jews worldwide.

he prayer delivery service offered by The Kotel Prayer lets any individual to place an order and send his or her prayer online. The prayer written in any language shall be printed by its staff and be delivered and placed to the Western Wall. The website offers a receipt in the form of “Original Prayer Certificate.” Service cost varies on three delivery timelines; 30 days, 7 days, and 24 hours. The site also provides available prayer templates for good health, livelihood, easy birth, etc.

And just like many e-commerce websites, The Kotel Prayer also has its own affiliate program. Individuals who promote the site online and offline can earn a 20% commission for each successful referral.


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