Rabbi facing wailing wall

Former Chief Rabbi calls Reform Jews Worse than Holocaust deniers

Rabbi Shlomo Amara Has History of Controversial Statements Former chief Rabbi of Israel Shlomo Amara attacked progressive Jews after a contentious court case. The

Jews Mourn Temple Destruction for Three Weeks Staring July 23

Jews abstain from almost all kinds of celebrations and personal pleasures during The Three Weeks. For three weeks starting on July 23, 2016, Jews

Orthodox Jewish Beatboxers are a Hit on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Jews surprise 'America’s Got Talent' panel with beatbox rendition of “All About That Bass.” It is unusual to see religion come into play on

Send Virtual Prayers to the Western Wall with The Kotel Prayer

The Kotel Prayer: Send your personal message to G-d, in your own words, in any language. Jews and other individuals around the world who

Will San Diego Get A Bible-Inspired Theme Park?

Televangelist Morris Cerullo wants to build a Bible-themed resort in San Diego. Morris Cerullo, the controversial televangelist, will join ranks of other Christ themed

Morgan Freeman Story Of God

Morgan Freeman to Voice ‘The Story of God’ on National Geographic

Morgan Freeman, the actor and voiceover man will bring his voice to National Geographic channel's new series called The Story of God, reports Deadline. Academy Award

Lives In Common

“Lives in Common:” Israeli scholar Menachem Klein on Israel and Palestine

Menachem Klein discusses his new book Lives in Common and the prospects of Peace between Israel and Palestine with ISLAMiCommentary. Written by Joseph Preville