Scott Pruitt’s Argument Against God’s Existence

Scott Pruitt’s Battle to Bring More Religion Into the EPA has Come to an End

Scott Pruitt’s Argument Against God’s Existence
Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Former EPA head Scott Pruitt hated science.

The resignation of Scott Pruitt from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a win for science[/tweetit] over theocracy. His tenure in the EPA was marred by his hostile actions against common sense and fundamental science. He willfully went about destroying the environmental laws which underpin the United States of America's commitment towards science and reason. He ensured that the U.S. did not do anything within itself and in the world stage when it came to climate change. The official reason, however, is near continuous ethics violations.

Scott Pruitt’s Battle to Bring More Religion Into the EPA has Come to an End[/tweetthis]

Pruitt's resignation letter makes an excellent example of how a corrupt person tries to justify their near criminal actions. He claimed that he always desired to make vital decisions which will help President Donald Trump on his presidential duties. He then went on to say President Trump was elected to the post only as God wanted him to be the President of the United States of America. Pruitt has a knack for using religious-themed words in his writings. The word "bless" occurs multiple times within a single paragraph written by him in his resignation letter. If these are taken at face value, it can be extrapolated that Pruitt's resignation is also God's will. The common-sense explanation, however, is God never existed in the first place.

Scientists are relieved with his exit. They knew of his continuous lobbying to get President Trump to exit the all-important Paris climate agreement. He industriously took apart Obama-era achievements in climate, water, and air regulations. He roundly rejected the facts of climate change. He also helped environmental polluters to get what they want. Worst of all, Pruitt sacked hundreds of scientific experts from the EPA. His actions demoralized EPA’s existing employees. In short, his actions led to substantial harm.

Pruitt has also attacked basic science facts, repeatedly telling in public that evolution is a lie. He also pushed for a gay marriage ban through a change in the U.S. constitution. He claimed that Christianity is under attack in the United States, even going to the extent of claiming that the religion is being driven out of the "public square." In his words, the United States' biggest threat is its judiciary, which he described as "imperialistic." He also claimed the First Amendment needs to be revised as a religiously sterile environment now prevails in the United States. Pruitt claimed the Founding Fathers of the United States never wanted this to happen. The Freedom From Religious Foundation (FFRF) had warned about his toxic theocratic outlook to the U.S. Senate, and his ouster has vindicated their stand.


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