Scott Pruitt’s Argument Against God’s Existence

Scott Pruitt’s Battle to Bring More Religion Into the EPA has Come to an End

Former EPA head Scott Pruitt hated science. The resignation of Scott Pruitt from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a win for science[/tweetit] over

Leaked Tapes of EPA Head Scott Pruitt Talking About Traditionally Conservative Christian Beliefs

Leaked Tapes of Conservative Christian EPA Head — Evolution Is Not Real, Abortion and Gay Marriage Should Be Banned

EPA spokesperson declined to speak on the matter The Trump administration nominated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief, Scott Pruitt who expressed the opinion that

Oklahoma State Capitol

Court Rules Ten Commandment Monument in Oklahoma is Unconstitutional

Angry conservatives are crying for the impeachment of the justices who ordered the monument be removed. Installed in 2012, the 6-foot-tall stone monument of