Religious News From Around the Web April 6, 2020

Virus Advice You Can Live With, Convalescent Plasma Therapy at Houston Methodist, Samaritan’s Purse in Central Park, Honk for Amen! Jewish Cremation? Islamic Homeschooling, Christians Jailed for Homeschooling, Avoid the Zoombombing!

Samaritan’s Purse Sets up Field Hospital in Central Park

Samaritan’s Purse, a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization led by Franklin Graham, son of the late televangelist Billy Graham, set up a 68-bed field hospital in Ney York City’s Central Park, which will be staffed by 70 medical personnel.

Good Advice From COVID-19 Doctor
Dr. David Price from Weill Cornell Medical Center explains in a video what to do and what you can expect from measures designed to protect the public from the virus. Dr. Price settles the dust and increases certainty as to what is happening.

Houston Methodist Begins Transfusing Plasma from Recovered Covid-19 Patients
Convalescent plasma therapy is an old idea being used to fight Covid-19. The idea, used in ages past for diphtheria, scarlet fever and pertussis – uses blood plasma from patients who have been infected with a disease and recovered. Their blood contains antibodies to the disease that helps a patient fight it off. Houston Methodist Hospital is the first in the nation to get FDA approval to use the technique on critically ill Coronavirus patients.

Honk for Amen!
Instead of saying “amen” parishioners at the Genoa Church of Westerville, Ohio, honk their horns during the drive-in worship service implemented to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. Around 600 people in 300 cars attended the first two services last week, listening to the service on FM car radio broadcast from the church. Pastor Frank Carl said this was the first time the church had tried a drive-in format.

National Day of Prayer on Good Friday

Archbishop Gomez
By InkWeaverAtHeart Own work CC
Archbishop Jose H. Gomez of Los Angeles, has invited U.S. Catholics to join him on Good Friday, April 10, to pray the Litany of the Sacred Heart at noon Eastern Daylight Time. A livestream of the Litany of the Sacred Heart with Archbishop Gomez will be available on the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ website and on the United States Congress of Catholic Bishops Facebook page.

Official: Fighting the Virus More Important than Jewish Funeral Rites
Judaism normally considers cremation a desecration, but some countries now require cremation to reduce the threat of Coronavirus transmission. One rabbi has said that cremation can be considered a posthumous Mitzvah, or fulfillment of a commandment by the deceased to protect the living.

Islamic Homeschooling
With schools closed and people sheltering at home, parents are looking for educational materials for their children. The Islamic Kid’s Corner has some 500 plus multimedia items for children and teens including videos. Other resources include A2Z Homeschooling, and free Islamic studies curriculum resources for homeschooling.

Christian Couple Jailed for Homeschooling in Cuba
A Christian Couple were jailed in Cuba for refusing to send their children to government schools, because they disagreed with training in atheism and socialism.. The wife was just released after 11 months in jail, but the father remains incarcerated. Expósito Leyva was jailed along with her husband, Pastor Ramon Rigal, last April for homeschooling their children.

Protect Your Online Church Meetings from “Zoombombing”
crazyNow that many churches are having services online, “Zoombombing” has become a problem. Named after the video conferencing application Zoom which has become popular for virtual church services, the problem results from hackers and troublemakers who log in to shout, create distractions or even present pornography to attendees. So those presenting virtual services can take steps to prevent such disruptions or at least minimize them.