Religious News From Around the Web April 6, 2020

Virus Advice You Can Live With, Convalescent Plasma Therapy at Houston Methodist, Samaritan’s Purse in Central Park, Honk for Amen! Jewish Cremation? Islamic Homeschooling,

WRN News From the Web: Mosque Shelters Students, Atheists Not Church, US Sanctions China over Uighurs, Rohingyas Denied Education, Dublin’s Covert Church, Iran Suppressing Bahá’ís, SMU Minus Methodist?, African Churches Use Scientology

Wisconsin Students Shelter in Mosque During School Attack About 100 high school students sheltered in a mosque across the street from their Oshkosh West

WRN News From Around the Web: Reincarnation Dead? Kanye West, LGBTQ, Beautiful Bahá’í, Cakeshop Sued for Third Time, Sanctuary Fines, Zoroastrians Meet

Chinese Catholics Occupy Church to Prevent Demolition Priests and parishioners have locked themselves inside a Catholic Church in the Hebei province of China to

Methodist Church Stops All Weddings Until They Can Marry Same Sex Couples

Methodist Church Stops All Weddings Until They Can Marry Same Sex Couples

The First United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas will not officiate any weddings as its national body has banned marriage between couples of the

Complaint Filed Over Same-Sex Marriage at United Methodist Church in North Carolina

Two ministers defied the UMC ban on same-sex marriage at Charlotte's First United Methodist Church. In 2015, a United States ruling legalized same-sex marriage

Christian activist faces fines and prison after removing the Confederate flag

The story of David and Goliath inspired Brittany Newsome to take down the Confederate flag at a South Carolina government building. Brittany Newsome, a

Episcopal Church Welcomes Same-Sex Wedding Ceremonies in their Churches

Twelve years after they sparked a divide in the global Anglican denomination after electing Gene Robinson, an openly gay bishop, the Episcopal Church voted

A Seventh Southern Black Church Following the Charleston Shooting Has Burned Down

A fire has destroyed the prominent Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church in Greeneyville, South Carolina. UPDATE: It is suspected the fire was caused

Carey's Methodist Camp

Methodist Camp Celebrates 125th Anniversary

Carey’s United Methodist Camp is excited to honor its 125th year of summer meetings, a huge milestone in an era where quality religious camps