A Surge of British Jews Affected by Holocaust are Trying to Move to Germany

Religious News from around the web October 19, 2020

Same-Sex Marriage Going Away? Washington's Lt. Gov Becoming a Priest, Orthodox Jews Defy COVID restrictions, She Became a Jew and Discovered Anti-Semitism, Why Amy


Religious News From Around the Web July 27, 2020

Biden Would Revoke Muslim Ban, Virtual Chaplains Help Oncology Patients, Dangerous Shinto Celebrations, Jewish History in Europe, Latest Supreme Court Ruling Goes Against Church,

How Bibles Are Smuggled Into North Korea

Religious News from Around the Web July 20, 2020

Uighurs under China Suppression, Governor Orders Churches Closed, Bibles Ballooned Into North Korea, Vatican Issues Sex Abuse Reporting Guide, The Talmud and the Cancel

Methodist Pastor Fired for Marrying LGBT Couple

Religious News From Around the Web July 13, 2020

More Trouble for Methodists, Byzantine Church Becomes Mosque, Churches and Atheists Squabble over PPP Money, Catholic Schools Close, Jehovah's Witnesses Go Virtual With Annual

No News is Good

This morning at 5 a.m., I turned on the news and found out that in addition to the Coronavirus pandemic, the marches for justice,

Why Orthodox Judaism Is Becoming More Influential On Millennials

Religious News From Around the Web June 29, 2020

Protecting Church from State, Russia's Military Cathedral, Hindu Temple for Islamabad, Selling Judaism, Faith-Based Foster Care, Protesters Topple Statue of Saint Junipero Serra, Hajj

Religious News From Around the Web May 18, 2020

Religious liberty under attack: Faith-based organizations targeted by restrictions, threats and lawsuits. The Right to Worship Religious groups in California, Louisiana, Virginia, Kansas, Minnesota

What Do Americans Know About World Religions?

Religious News From Around the Web May 11, 2020

Study Other Faiths, Worship Resumes, SCOTUS Update, Iran Thanks Zoroastrians, Sikhs Help, Samaritan's Purse Hit Again, Methodist Split Delayed, Everyone is Our Mother How

Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn

Religious News From Around the Web May 4 2020

India Joins 13 Other Violators of Religious Liberty The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom on April 28th released its 2020 Annual Report,

The Bright Side of Life

A traveler approaches a city, and asks a farmer “what sort of people live in the next town?” “What were people like where you