Pastor Robert Jeffress praised Trump’s resolve and courage

Evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress, who once shot into infamy by saying that it is not possible to save Jews, delivered a dedication prayer to celebrate the inauguration of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Reverend Robert Jeffress is the pastor of Dallas' First Baptist megachurch. He is a known supporter of President Donald J. Trump. Mitt Romney, the former presidential candidate, has earlier denounced Jeffress as a “religious bigot.”

Jeffress, as expected, praised the determination, resolve, and courage of President Trump. The Reverend vocally admired Trump's courage to move the American embassy from Israel's capital city Tel Aviv to the ancient and historic city of Jerusalem. The pastor said Trump was given by God to be the American President and to help Israel.

The pastor did not forget to pour accolades towards the Israeli leadership. He thanked God for Benjamin Netanyahu's strong leadership, and who is trying his best to protect Israel. His praise for Netanyahu was interspersed with his praise for Trump.

Widespread protests in Gaza accompanied the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Local health officials reported 52 Palestinians getting killed when Israeli security forces fired at protesters gathered to register their displeasure against the opening of the embassy. Official reports claim the number of people to be injured at 1,200. Israeli security forces used live bullets when they fired at protesters. As per Tel Aviv, the military was forced to do so as they saw multiple explosive devices in the hands of the protesters. A military spokesperson said that there were concerted and coordinated attacks on the security fence.

Jeffress has made several other remarks in addition to the one about Jews. He has termed both Islam and Mormonism as “heresy from the pit of hell,” and he specially mentioned Islam by claiming the religion “promotes pedophilia.”

The Reverend Jeffress is not the sole controversial figure in the event. Another was Reverend John Hagee, the Christians United for Israel founder. He was a controversial subject in 2008 when an audio recording of him surfaced where he was heard to say that Adolf Hitler was a “hunter” who was asked to help the Jews to go back to Israel. The other members of 250-people strong American delegation included Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, both advisers to the White House, and Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary.


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