Prove It! Duterte will Resign if You've Got a Selfie with God

Prove It! Duterte will Resign if You’ve Got a Selfie with God

Prove It! Duterte will Resign if You've Got a Selfie with God
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Philippines President Duterte was abused by a priest during his childhood

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has pledged to resign if anyone can prove to him that God exists[/tweetit]. He also questioned a few fundamental principles of the Catholic faith, including the original sin concept. Duterte said such concepts taint innocent infants when they have done nothing wrong. According to the Catholic Church, only baptism could remove the original sin taint. The church takes money for the above service.

Prove It! Duterte will Resign if You’ve Got a Selfie with God[/tweetthis]

“I just need one person to tell me … there is really a God. Here, I have a picture, I have a selfie with God. Of the so many billions (of people), I just need one. And if there is one, ladies and gentlemen, I will announce my resignation immediately,” said the 73-year-old politician.

The Philippines President has a thorny relationship with the Catholic Church. He sparked outrage in the Philippines, a majorly Roman Catholic country when he called God "stupid." He made the anti-church remarks during the inauguration ceremony of a science event in Davao city, a metropolis situated in the southern Philippines.

President Duterte lamented in another speech that the sins of Adam and Eve as described in Christian theology have pushed the faithful to fall from divine grace. He then went on to describe the almighty as a stupid entity who created a perfect earth whose flawlessness could be destroyed by a single event. He continued to say that there is no logic in believing in a God.

Duterte predictably received a lot of dissension for his remarks. Antonio Trillanes IV, a senator in the opposition, voiced his umbrage, describing the president as "evil." The senator said the remarks made by the president were in-line with the “deceitfulness, heartlessness and ruthlessness of his policies.” Harry Roque, the spokesperson of the president, has defended Duterte's remarks. He said that the Philippines President has every right to express personal opinions on religion. Roque also cited a previous disclosure made by Duterte of being sexually abused by a foreign priest. The president had recalled that nightmarish experience. He recounted events where a priest fondled him and his fellow students. The priest has since died.

Officials of the Philippines Government have now arranged an official meeting between the president and head of a major Catholic bishop association in July. It is expected that Filipino bishops will react against the president's remarks post conclusion of their annual Manila conference. A few bishops have previously criticized the Duterte government's tough actions against drug dealers. The brutality of the Philippine Government has resulted in the death of thousands of drug dealers and those thought to be associated with the drug industry.


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