How Christians Are Fighting Back Against John Oliver

How A Pro-Life Group is Fighting Back Against John Oliver

How Christians Are Fighting Back Against John Oliver
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Abortion Group Uses New Campaign To Answer Crticism

Save the Storks, a pro-life group, has attacked John Oliver, the well known HBO comic, for his statement that the group uses deception to guide mothers in “crisis pregnancy” situations away from abortion.

How A Pro-Life Group is Fighting Back Against John Oliver[/tweetthis]

Oliver targeted the automobiles pro-life groups use. Save the Storks drives vans into communities to meet pregnant women. They then discuss the various options available to them. Pregnant women are provided a free ultrasound and after counseling many women then decide to continue their pregnancy. In the April 8 episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the television personality said these vans, or what the organization classifies as crisis pregnancy centers, use deceptive methods to make women choose not to have an abortion.

The Save the Storks group has gone all out to rebuff Oliver. They hired “the most successful social ad agency in the world,” the Harmon Brothers, to create a social video campaign. Save the Storks claims their work is extremely effective and that a stunning four women out of five opt to continue their pregnancy rather than have an abortion.

Save the Storks claim the Stork Bus is a mobile medical vehicle fitted with modern equipment. The group says it runs 42 buses. The group claims that the result of this effort is that 4,000 women chose to give birth to their babies.

The group chose Mother’s Day to make its point. Victoria Robinson, Director of External Relations, says the “campaign gives passionate, pro-life Americans the most measurable, quantifiable, and easily-accessible tools in history to make an unlimited impact wherever they are, beginning immediately,” She said every pregnant woman has a basic right to comprehend all options when they are pregnant. Save the Storks hopes the expansion of their successes will change countless lives for the better.

Oliver, in his program, not only had fun with the pro-life group’s name but also had his van superficially modified and renamed “Banned Parenthood”. He suggested that he will make up falsehoods and dress them as facts to influence would be mothers. The comedian even suggested that those people who enter the van can only be described as stupid.


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