Pro-Kavanaugh Ad Flips the Script On ‘Me Too’ Movement

Pro-Kavanaugh Ad Flips the Script On ‘Me Too’ Movement

Pro-Kavanaugh Ad Flips the Script On ‘Me Too’ Movement
Video screenshot
#MomsForKavanaugh’s “It Could Happen to You” advertisement

A controversial ad by the conservative group Catholic Vote has caused a social media uproar[/tweetit] after it flipped the ‘Me Too’ message in favor of men. The minute-long advertisement takes aim at the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh in hearings and how women can assault the lives of “men of virtue” with baseless claims. Obviously, this was a strike at Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony that Kavanaugh assaulted her years ago at a high school party.

Pro-Kavanaugh Ad Flips the Script On ‘Me Too’ Movement[/tweetthis]

The advertisement itself is aimed at the mothers of men like Kavanaugh, showing boys raking leaves, playing, and going into services as firefighters and other noble professions. The ad reads “Until finally, the sacrifices, hard work, perseverance become their greatest dreams.” Now that a young man in the ad has a family of his own, the tone of the advertisement shifts. It shows Brett Kavanaugh denying the claims against him in the Senate Committee hearings, insisting “I am innocent of this charge.” After a brief look at protestors and their messages, Kavanaugh appears again to say how his life has been upended and completely destroyed even if he is never tried in a court of law.

The final message appears on the screen: “If it can happen to him, it can happen to our sons …brothers, husbands, fathers. It can happen to you.”

Of course, the message has been interpreted in several ways since it has first appeared on, a PAC with interests in promoting conservative values. One of the more common ways that people have looked at this article is taking the message at face value. They say it shows women who are part of the modern culture of protests against conservative values will seemingly stop at nothing to destroy the lives of good men. Worse still, they say the men have no recourse for the accusations since they have happened years ago and have no evidence for or against their claim of innocence.

Yet, the ad is also being used as a way of showing how willing people are to throw their support behind Brett Kavanaugh for what he can do for them rather than the sort of person that he is. His testimony has revealed an angry side to him that nobody would expect of the supposedly mild-mannered man. The advertisement has since disappeared from most places on the internet, but the effects, like Kavanaugh’s testimony, will be felt for some time.


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