Pope Francis Supports Protests Against Gay Rights in Mexico

Pope Francis Supports Protests Against Gay Rights in Mexico

Pope Francis Supports Protests Against Gay Rights in Mexico

Pope backs gay rights protest in Mexico defending traditional heterosexual marriage.

Despite the popular belief that Pope Francis' actions are indicating the arrival of an era when the Catholic Church will be open to gay marriages, the pope has voiced his support for the protests against gay marriage in Mexico. The protest comes after the president, Enrique Pena Nieto, proposed gay marriage rights for all of Mexico. Currently only a few Mexican cities recognize gay marriages. The pope's support of the protest establishes without doubt that his views on the issue are just as traditional as those of his predecessors.

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After the Mexican President announced his plan for a new bill that would legalize gay marriages in Mexico, the predominantly Catholic population was quick to show its opposition. Led by Mexican bishops and the National Front for The Family, tens of thousands of Mexicans, mostly Catholic, gathered together in a rally, opposing this move.

Nieto's proposal also includes modifications to the existing educational curriculum to include gender education. Gender education has always been opposed by Pope Francis, who has even called it an “ideological colonization.” In the past, the pope has spoken severely against gender education and how it teaches that it is “OK to be transsexual.” The pontiff believes that this is not only an act against God but also a systematic way of inducing children to be gender fluid.

Addressing the crowd that was waiting for his Sunday blessing, the pope declared that he was in favor of anyone who supports “family life.” This was an indication of his support to the protestors in Mexico. Speaking after the Angelus, the pope said that he “willingly” supports the bishops and clergy of Mexico who are actively engaged in defending traditional family values. He also hinted at the Church's belief that the demand for gay rights is hurting traditional marriage by adding that family life today requires more pastoral and cultural care than ever before.

Gay marriage is legal in Mexico City, the nation's capital, as well as nine other states. Following the rise in legal sanction for same-sex unions, the religious citizens of the nation gathered together wearing white carrying anti-gay rights and pro-traditional family values banners. Protestors also demanded that parents should be the ones to decide what their children learn at school, rather than the state.

For people, especially gay Catholics, the pope's words may come as a sore disappointment. As of now, it seems that the Catholic Church will not be relaxing its stance on gay marriages anytime soon.


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