Pope Francis Tell Audiences What Heaven Is Like

Pope Francis Describes What Heaven Looks Like

Pope Francis Tell Audiences What Heaven Is Like
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Pope says Heaven is not a “fairy tale.”

Pope Francis on Wednesday spoke about the reality of life beyond physical existence on the earth and talked in depth about the implication of eternal life with God.

Pope Francis Describes What Heaven Looks Like[/tweetthis]

The pontiff, who has been running a catechesis on Christian hope for the past year, strove to dispel the notion that heaven is some form of a fantasy world. Speaking on October 25, the Pope stated “Paradise is not a fairy tale, nor is it an enchanted garden. Paradise is an embrace with God, (who is) infinite Love, and we enter thanks to Jesus, who died on the cross for us.”

Speaking to his general audience, Pope Francis announced the end of the said catechesis and dedicated his address to a reflection on heaven, which is the “ultimate goal of our hope.” He referenced Jesus’ experience at Calvary, where Christ offered redemption to a repentant thief who was crucified alongside him.

As one of two thieves who hang with Jesus, the one whom we call “the good thief” was humble enough to realize what he could gain from Christ when he asked, “Remember me when you enter into Your Kingdom.” The thief didn’t have good deeds to bring before the Lord, but he relied on the mercy of Jesus, recognizing Jesus was “innocent, good, and so different from him,” the Pope said.

Pope Francis used this example to offer similar hope to pilgrims – no person, no matter how good or bad, is exempt from the grace of salvation given to man when God gave His Son to die on the cross.

He insisted Jesus will carry everything still in need of redemption to His father, including the faults and mistakes of an entire life, because “this is the goal of our existence: that everything is done and transformed into love.”


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