Pope Francis Defends Environment By Attacking The Oil Industry

Pope Francis Defends Environment By Attacking The Oil Industry

Pope Francis Defends Environment By Attacking The Oil Industry

Pope Franics Told Oil Executives They Need To Care About The Environment

Pope Francis, on June 9, warned influential oil executives and other top bosses of energy companies that the change in climate could be catastrophic for the human civilization. The audience list included Claudio Descalzi of Eni, the Italian hydrocarbon company, Darren Woods, ExxonMobil CEO, and Bob Dudley, the chief executive of BP. The event sponsor was the Department for Integral Human Development of the Vatican and the University of Notre Dame. The pontiff demonstrated unabashed support of Paris Climate Accord. He subtlely criticized the United States for dropping out of the agreement.

Pope Francis Defends Environment By Attacking The Oil Industry[/tweetthis]

Pope Francis told his audience that although energy is needed to sustain civilization, the usage of energy should not destroy it. He reminded everyone the world has two great needs, assisting the poor and saving the environment. He asked the investors present at the meeting to limit the harmful effects of using energy. He requested oil company executives to join the effort. The pontiff spoke in Italian, inside the hallowed Clementine Hall whose architecture dated back to the 16th century.

He reminded the audience it is their duty to help millions of poor around the world. He emphasized enabling developing countries to make the transition to clean and accessible energy. Pope Francis continued that companies must prioritize offering efficient energy options to the global population. They must take steps to protect the planet from the looming threat of climate change. Pope Francis, who has an advanced degree in chemistry, has demonstrated a complex understanding of this issue.

This meeting comes barely a year after an announcement by President Trump that America would abandon the Paris Agreement. The treaty, created in 2015, has virtually every country on the planet agree to tackle climate change through specific measures.

The meeting is a further development of the commitment away from fossil fuels by Pope Francis. The first paper encyclical of Pope Francis was about the official Catholic doctrine related to the environment. After it was published, multiple Catholic institutions announced their own plans to move away from fossil fuel investments.


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