Pope falls asleep

Pope Francis Admits Sometimes He Falls Asleep While Praying

Pope falls asleep
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This is one of the many disclosures the pontiff regularly makes as head of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis has admitted to dropping off at the time of prayer.[/tweetit] He does not regard it as a problem. He said that he believes God is actually happy when he sleeps. The pontiff described his actions like a child sleeping in the arms of the parent. For many, it is common for the 80-year-old pope to sleep. Other than his advanced age, he performs the duties of an apex spiritual leader for a group consisting of more than billion members. The pope retires at about nine in the evening and wakes up at 4:45 in the morning. He does a siesta most days. All these are needed to manage his tough schedule as head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Pope Francis Admits Sometimes He Falls Asleep While Praying[/tweetthis]

Pope Francis said the incidence of falling asleep while praying is an oft-repeated practice. Saint Therese, hailing from Liseux also fell asleep when praying. This fact has been corroborated by Society of the Little Flower. The latter engages in promoting education concerning the life of this mystic. According to the Society website, Saint Therese was embarrassed due to her proclivity to fall asleep while in the chapel. The nun finally came to the conclusion that since God is like a parent, the Almighty loves her even though she falls asleep. The analogy is parents love their children both when they are asleep and when they are awake. The Pontiff reminded the audience of Psalm 129 to prove his point.

This disclosure by Pope Francis is latest in a series made by the pontiff hailing from Argentina. He spoke candidly about human frailties and personal life. Among the many disclosures he made, the present pope confessed he went through a psychiatric analyst during the 1970s. The future head of the Catholic church subsequently made a few repeat visits to his psychiatrist to clarify a number of then bothersome factors which had bugged him at that time.

The pontiff further said although we are Christians, and have a God to guide us, most of the time we live similar to animals, with no belief in either man or in God. Men live without faith and do evil. People engage not in love; they engage in competition, wars, and in hate.


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