New Video Asks What It's Like to Be a Muslim

New Video Asks What It’s Like to Be a Muslim

New Video Asks What It's Like to Be a Muslim

Noor Wazwaz creates a video on what it’s like to be a Muslim.

There is a certain sector of society who consider Muslims to be responsible for the global terrorist attacks. Some people even accuse them of supporting these terror attacks, which is making several Muslims live in fear in Europe as well as the United States. Several Muslims fear being harmed by others around them, while there are plenty of them who are accustomed to the dirty looks, isolation, rejection and hate comments. The hatred follows them almost everywhere – right from the Metro station to their social media accounts. They have to think twice about everything – right from mentioning their real name to running errands while wearing a hijab. What do these Muslims have to say about it?

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Noor Wazwaz is a journalist, who has worked for several big publications like Huffington Post, Military Life and NPR. She is also a filmmaker who decided to use her storytelling skills to answer the question; What’s It Like Being Muslim? in this day and age, amidst growing Islamophobia. She recently made and shared a video featuring several American Muslims expressing their thoughts about being a Muslim in the U.S.


New VIDEO is *finally* done!! What's it like being Muslim?Featuring: Maher Zain Harris J Raef LIKE and SHARE using hashtag: #GrabOurHand

Posted by Noor Wazwaz on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The video features Muslims from several walks of life – students, artists, writers and even imams. They emphasize that their religion supports peace as much as other religions. Several of them also talk about the unpleasant experience they have had and mention that they live in constant fear of being attacked. She ends the video on a friendly note, spreading the message that when non-Muslims befriend Muslims and get to know them, they will realize that Islam is all about spending peace and love. Her request to non-Muslims it to get to know the Muslims around them instead of nurturing a false idea about the religion. The video has already been viewed more than 121 thousand times on the internet.

With the video, Wazwaz makes it clear that Muslims are going strong and do not have hatred towards those who accuse them of supporting terrorism, just because they practice Islam. She makes it clear that Muslims do not feel hopeless despite the prejudice against them in their own country. The video is also an attempt by Wazwaz to make her fellow Muslim community members realize that they are not alone.


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