New Hampshire Exit Poll Shows 2/3rds of Republicans Support Muslim Ban

Most New Hampshire GOP voters favor Trump’s call for Muslim ban.

The New Hampshire primaries spewed out one jarring statistic: approximately two-thirds of Republican voters in the state have supported a temporary ban scheme to be imposed on Muslims from entering the United States as immigrants or even visitors. Such public opinion makes for an uncomfortable environment for those Republican candidates who were against the idea from the beginning. One of them was Jeb Bush.

Bush, the former Republican Governor of Florida, and who came a distant fourth in New Hampshire, has long proposed the opinion that the proposal to ban Muslims from setting foot in American territory was not a good idea. He held on to his opinion even as the exit polls showed that a number of Republican voters in New Hampshire disagreed with him.

For Donald Trump however, the exit polls are good news. With 66 percent of the Republican voters backing such a ban, he is ready to coast to a victory. Trump sold the concept to voters that Muslims will not be allowed for a temporary period of time until the U.S. Government is in a much better position to avert another Sacramento style terror attack. Incidentally, one of the attackers, a woman, entered the U.S. on fiancée visa.

Bush is unfazed. He told a media company that the number of people supporting such a ban is actually low. Maybe he has a point: the concerned exit poll did not ask the individuals surveyed the importance of that issue. Bush continued in this vein and showed his moral stance by saying that such bans are horrific and do not represent American values. These kind of steps led to suffer of innocent Muslims and makes it extremely hard to construct a coalition with the intention of destroying ISIS within the Caliphate itself.

Bush shored up his argument by saying that such talk signifies divisiveness at a time when Americans should find things which unite them. He said that the U.S. has developed a fracture and the country does not need presidents which continue to feed that widening crack. An ideal president at this juncture is one which will formulate a set of uniting purposes. One of them is protecting the U.S. from the scourge of Islamic terrorism-which is not feasible by the banning of all Muslims.  It must be mentioned that such anti-Muslim opinion is not shared by New Hampshire GOP voters alone. Approximately 59 percent of Republican voters all over the U.S. support such a ban.


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