Netanyahu Warns Putin Iran Another Holocaust

Netanyahu Warns Putin: Iran Wants Another Holocaust

Netanyahu Warns Putin Iran Wants Another Holocaust
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Netanyahu attended Russia’s Victory Day Parade

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, told his counterpart Vladimir Putin, President of Russia on May 9 that Iran wants to commit a second Holocaust[/tweetit]. The leaders spoke on the background of worsening relations between Tehran and Jerusalem. Prime Minister Netanyahu has earlier urged Moscow that the regional crisis in the Middle East should be resolved through “a responsible manner.”

Netanyahu Warns Putin: Iran Wants Another Holocaust[/tweetthis]

Netanyahu's comments were made based on reports that the Russians will deliver S-300 air defense systems to the Assad regime in Syria. The Israeli Prime Minister attended a Moscow military parade commemorating the Russian victory in the Second World War over Nazi Germany. The Israeli Prime Minister said that about 73 years post-Holocaust, Iran wants the slaughter of another six million Jews. Netanyahu was one of two foreign heads of state who attended the event. The Russians showcased military equipment utilized to defend the Syrian regime. Other than Netanyahu, President Aleksandar Vučić of Serbia was the foreign leader present.

Israel has pledged to stop Iran from establishing any forward base inside Syria. Tel Aviv is afraid that the Syrian ground could be utilized to launch missile attacks on Israel. The country does not want advanced rockets and sophisticated weapons to reach the Hezbollah terror group. It is believed that Hezbollah is a proxy for Iran. The Hezbollah terrorist organization is in the neighboring country of Lebanon.

The Israeli Prime Minister acknowledged Russian contribution towards the defeat of the Nazi regime in World War II. He said the Red Army sacrificed a lot to put an end to the murderous regime. He mentioned that thanks to all this, Israel is now a state and he appreciates the chance to discuss regional problems with President Putin. He hopes the result of these talks will resolve crises and lift threats responsibly and prudently. The Israeli PM continued to say that he was moved when the Russian President invited him to the event and Putin mentioned the Holocaust. Netanyahu thanked the Russian leader for this gesture.

Netanyahu's visit to Moscow came only a day after Israeli fighter jets allegedly targeted Iranian forces operating in Syria. Russia has condemned the Israeli airstrikes on Syrian and Iranian targets inside Syria. The Israeli army has requested people living in Golan Heights to ready their bomb shelters.


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