Mormon Channel Releases New Inspirational Video Series: ‘Hope Works’

Mormon Channel launches new Hope Works video series styled like TED Talks.

Mormon Channel just recently released a new series of videos called, Hope Works. The videos were recorded at live events with presenters sharing insights on how faith and hope work in their own lives and experiences.

Mormon Channel Releases New Inspirational Video Series: ‘Hope Works'[/tweetthis]

The six videos are formatted similarly to TED Talks. Each video has a different individual sharing their personal stories of ways that faith and hope have played important roles in all of their individual life experiences.

Mormon Channel commented on its new series in an email regarding its purpose: “Hope Works is devoted to sharing interesting insights realized through finding hope, discovering faith and putting that faith into action. It’s about learning from real people going through real struggles that there’s always hope.”

The first batch of the new series features a variety of live speakers, including a Dr. Matt Townsend, who is both a radio personality and a relationship coach, and Cambry Kaylor, a former equestrian vaulter who became paralyzed after an accident.

In Cambry Kaylor’s video, entitled: “Living Beyond “What If?,”” Kaylor talks about how she was a “promising equestrian vaulter” who dreamed of competing internationally. When she was 18-years-old, she was in a terrible accident that left her paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. At first, she felt sorry for herself, but in the video, she explains how God and her faith helped change her outlook. Her presentation touches on: “…our plans, God’s plans, and what we can do when they seem to conflict.”

In Dr. Matt Townsend’s video, entitled: “Spiritual Beings and the Human Existence“, Townsend talks about how his relationship coaching practice. He tells the story of a girl, who at 17-years-old, came into his practice. She had suffered an accident that had left her emotionally and physically deformed. Her face was scarred and she could barely balance herself. She was feeling sorry for herself, but in this video, Townsend explores: “…how labels change the way we see ourselves and who each of us really are.”

Each of the videos in the Hope Works series explore important subjects surrounding human beings involving faith and spirituality. They explore how world experiences affect how people see themselves and how they can see themselves the way God sees them.


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