Justin Bieber's Next Album will be Heavily Influenced by His Faith

Lou Stejskal is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Justin Bieber is looking for songs of redemption and love.

If reports are to be believed, Justin Bieber's upcoming album will be a Christian one . He will forgo his usual lean towards partying with scantily clad women and sing about God. Bieber's turn towards Christianity is not a first among pop stars. Bob Dylan did the same in the 1970s. Dylan released three upfront religious albums when he transformed into a born-again Christian during that time. Bieber will be joining the likes of Snoop Dogg who just released a no holds barred gospel album in March. Snoop, who incidentally counts Bieber as his friend, released his Christian offering after several hip-hop albums.

News of Bieber's Christian-inspired production came from The Sun tabloid. The site allegedly interacted with a music industry insider who had all the information of Bieber's latest venture. According to The Sun website, the Canadian singer is searching for songs which mirror where he is presently in his life when it comes to spirituality. The site further goes on to say he has always been of a religious bent and it was no surprise to see him come closer to Hillsong Church. The church changed his life and gave him a different outlook.

Bieber is not the only contemporary musician to blatantly show religiosity at every turn. Beyoncé, to give an example, has always been open about her beliefs, however, only a few musicians weave their music to particularly cater to religious audiences. This is as the market size for Christian music is much smaller than a secular one. It thus comes as a kind of mild surprise Bieber wants to craft a popular religious conversion album.

As per The Sun, Bieber has not been working actively on new music since following his last tour. The time he spent in church, however, revitalized him. He presently works with the identical team which assisted him to make Purpose, his last album. He has reshaped his sound so the music and the lyrics are in sync with the beliefs and values of the church.

The tabloid website said there will be a new take on his old topics of redemption and true love. The new album may surprise some fans.


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