Snoop Dogg's Bible of Love Hits #1 on iTunes Gospel Download

Snoop Dogg’s Bible of Love Hits #1 on iTunes Gospel Chart

Snoop Dogg #1 Gospel Charts
By Jason Persse from Brooklyn, USA (Snoop Dogg) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Snoop Dogg hits the road in April for the Mount Kushmore Wellness Retreat tour.

Snoop Dogg’s new album is out.[/tweetit] Save your prayers, as it is a gospel album. According to critics, the rap artist's latest creation, named Snoop Dogg Presents Bible of Love, is a truly awesome product. The public seemingly agrees: Bible of Love is ranked as the most downloaded album relating to “Gospel and Christian” on iTunes.

Snoop Dogg’s Bible of Love Hits #1 on iTunes Gospel Chart[/tweetthis]

Snoop Dogg's Bible of Love Hits #1 on iTunes Gospel Download
Bible of Love can be described more as a curated project. It is not a solo album. The project has a total of 32 songs. The list of singers whose voice can be heard includes Charlie Wilson, Mary Mary, The Clark Sisters, Faith Evans, Jazze Pha, K-Ci, Patti LaBelle, Kim Burrell, and Daz Dillinger among others. Snoop has abandoned his normal profane lyrics. He describes his relationship with the almighty on a song named “Pain.” The newly minted gospel rapper explained the name. He said that he goes through substantial pain while he performs, his singing filling the hearts of his audience with love. His audience feels joyful, unaware of the pain Snoop Dogg goes through. The rapper claimed that God, however, understands the pain.

The gospel album was scheduled to be announced in 2017. Snoop had announced beforehand that making a devotional album was always on his mind. He could not start on the project earlier as other activities dominated his daily schedule. However he felt he had to do something and needed to get the music off his chest.

Snoop is an expert in the music industry with over 25 years of experience pushing the boundaries of audio. The rapper has a tour named Mount Kushmore Wellness Retreat, coming up in April. His first stop will be in Denver where he will be joined by Lil Pump and Migos. The tour consists of 5 shows in 5 cities over the course of just 3 days.


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