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Jewish Magazine The New Republic Hit by a Series of Resignations from Key Employees

The New Republic

The internationally renowned magazine called The New Republic  is starting to feel shockwaves after a huge number of its staff have decided to quit.

The American Jewish magazine has recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary, but it does not feel as though it will have much to celebrate now that many of its big name writers and editors, such as Franklin Foer, Judith Shulevitz, Leon Wieseltier, and Julia Ioffe, have decided to leave. No official statements have been made by any of the departing staff, but it has left the world wondering what is going on in the New Republic.

For the last 40 years, The New Republic magazine has been the center of elite American thoughts and ideas, particularly within the Jewish community. When it was difficult and sometimes frightening to speak out about Zionism, the importance of Yiddish, and the way that Jewish people were being treated around the world, The New Republic was there, pushing the boundaries. In fact, The New Republic was the first publication to write about the Holocaust in 1942. And yet this enterprising and ground breaking work may now come to a halt because it has been revealed that almost sixty percent of the masthead at the magazine have decided to leave.

David Greenberg, a former acting editor of The New Republic, has stated that: “It does leave a void.” There is now so much uncertainty within The New Republicc that the December issue had to be postponed until February of next year, 2015. There are great concerns within the American Jewish community that this vessel that has allowed them to raise their voice and explore what it means to be a Jew in the 21st century may have come grinding to a halt.


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