Jewish Rocker Sings About Islam in New Album for Kids

Ben Lee sing songs about Islam in his new family-oriented album.

The Trump administration-initiated travel ban has seen a number of forms of protest against it. One of the more unexpected ones came from an Australian musician living in Los Angeles, Ben Lee. The album is named a rather lengthy but descriptive Ben Lee Sings Songs About Islam for the Whole Family. Singer Ben Lee says he wants to offer Islam’s essence at a time when Muslims face increasing hostility towards them.[/tweetit]

Jewish Rocker Sings About Islam in New Album for Kids.[/tweetthis]

According to Lee, the songs were originally set to be included in a multiple album project. The project was slated to explore all the major world religions, including Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism. The political scenario in the United States at the present time compelled him to release the Islam tinted album separately. Any revenue earned will be transferred to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The ACLU is a notable organization among many which challenged the ban imposed by the Trump administration on visitors from six predominantly Muslim nations.

Lee formerly fronted the Noise Addict group. He said he was aware of the power present in songs, which later became amplified when he observed his daughter. She is seven years old. The 38-year-old, according to his own words, discovered a person can say anything when that person stays within a span of 180 seconds and with a catchy chorus, and the said words become quickly digestible.

Lee was Jewish at birth, and he imbibed a spiritual bent of mind where it was not possible anymore for him to take all religions in the literal sense. Instead he preferred to appreciate them. The album's aim was to concentrate on the common elements which binds all. He is also starting to think about a number of cultural narratives. The musician also wanted to introduce children to think in that kind of manner in opposition to think in a literal sense.

Lee added all such religions are similar to Shakespeare or Greek myths. These kinds of mythologies offer excellent insights to humanity. This is clearly apparent in the music- the latter being direct and upbeat. The Australian musician transforms the Arabic language essence of Islam into a cozy campfire group song along a rendition of religious stories. Lee then moves into a chorus saying the meaning of Islam is to surrender. He clearly had deep insights about Quran and an eclectic knowledge about Sufism.


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