‘I’m Gay’: Utah LDS Republican Commission Comes Out

‘I’m Gay’: Utah LDS Republican Commission Comes Out

‘I’m Gay’: Utah LDS Republican Commission Comes Out
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Nathan Ivie now feels “liberated”

Nathan Ivie, a Utah County Commissioner, posted a video made by himself on May 22 through social media where he declared to the public of him being gay.[/tweetit] The Republican lawmaker said that it took him over 20 years to reconcile himself to his identity. The concerned video subsequently enjoyed over 30,000 views. Ivie is also a The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) member.

‘I’m Gay’: Utah LDS Republican Commission Comes Out[/tweetthis]

The 40-year-old Ivie is a professional horse trainer and lives in Benjamin. He was first elected to public office in 2016. The election was his first dip into electoral politics. The video made by him was a candid one, where he bares his heart out and the reason he came out. Ivie claimed that he had first doubts about his sexual orientation when he was nine years old. He then believed there was something wrong inside him, and he desperately tried to change himself. Matters came to such a pass that he tried to commit suicide when he was only 22 years old. He subsequently recovered from that tough stage but always felt uncomfortable under the skin. Ivie and his wife of 13 years have separated and said he is moving “forward as a different kind of family” with their children.

Ivie has no plans to resign from his post as Utah County commissioner and will continue to serve as best as he can. According to the Ivie, he would not allow haters to influence his life as that kind of individuals are always present

Ivie declined to comment on his Mormon faith. The Utah headquartered faith is known for its strict opposition to gay marriage. The Church still opposes same-sex relationships and regards any such incidence as a serious transgression. Majority of Ivie’s constituents are members of the LDS Church. The commissioner said he was inspired to come out partly due to his work with many families who have lost their LGBTQ children. The latter committed suicide unable to adjust themselves with what was expected of them. It helped that he loves the outdoors and has photography as his hobby. He was particularly struck when he attended a same-sex marriage. He realized that gay couples have the same love towards each other like any heterosexual couple. It was then he realized that everything was right with him. He found coming out a liberating experience.


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